RNI Films brings real film profiles to iPhone

12 August — Really Nice Images (RNI), the developer of popular film simulation packages for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, has announced the immediate availability of RNI Films for iPhone.

February 2015

  1. Feb 28

    Dress-inspired effect for Photoshop and Lightroom released

    Really Nice Images, a developer of film effects for photographers, released an effect inspired by the dress meme.
  2. Feb 23

    RNI All Films 3.0: simulation more convincing than actual film

    incredibly easy to use, RNI All Films 3.0 offers possibly the most comprehensive and accurate film simulating package in the market. all the character of analog photography for any professional or enthusiast digital workflow is now just a click away.

December 2014

  1. Dec 19

    Instagram presets for Lightroom get latest filters

    Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, Perpetua – the new Instagram filters are so nice and subtle! For those photographers who would like to use the new filters in their Lightroom workflow, ReallyNiceImages are proud to release Insta 6 — the latest version of our Instagram-simulating presets for Adobe Lightroom. Insta 6 has been released by ReallyNiceImages just 2 days after the original Instagram update. The package includes five new filters as well as all the filters from the previous versio...

January 2014

  1. Jan 30

    A new generation of Film Presets for Lightroom released

    Another common pack of film effects for Lightroom? Not really. It's something special for those loving analog but shooting digital. What makes this release so special? First: with our presets you can try even films that are no longer in use. After studying a number of archive samples we recreated some really old film looks like Kodachrome from the edge 50s and 60s or Agfa Chrome from 70s. It is really awesome. We hope creative photographers will love it. Second: our 'All Films' pack...

September 2013

  1. Sep 12

    Film presets for Lightroom updated

    Reallyniceimages.com has updated their hi-end level film emulation package for Lightroom users. New version of the package includes 37 iconic films emulating the most famous films of XX century, 21 faded films emulating colour artefacts of expired and faded films and prints and 19 film essential tools allowing user to adjust contrast, frame, grain and other parameters of their image. 77 presets making breathtaking film simulation and image editing available just in one click.

March 2013

  1. Mar 06

    Analog Film Presets for Lightroom

    Have you ever wondered why digital photos look so plain and soulless compared to analog film photography? Why when capturing colour with such a great accuracy modern DSLRs give us we loose in spirit and character of image? Actually it does not matter 'why', it is what it is. For those professionals and enthusiasts willing to enjoy the best of two worlds, convenience of digital and character of film, we created our Ultimate Film Package presets for Lightroom.

January 2013

  1. Jan 17

    Instagram presets for Lightroom

    Another Instagram presets for Lightroom? Not really. What makes it so special? Two things: We created the first and the only one product in the world emulating not only the latest Instagram filters but also those from Instagram v.1.0. So we offer both: the true spirit of old filters and the most up to date look of new ones. Which set to use? It's up to customer. Approach and precision. We use our unique colour/tone matching technology to achieve the best matching result (see samples).