RNI Films brings real film profiles to iPhone

12 AUGUST 2015
Really Nice Images (RNI), the developer of popular film simulation packages for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, has announced the immediate availability of RNI Films for iPhone.

RNI has brought its expertise in image processing and film simulation to the iPhone with its RNI Films app, so Apple mobile device users can now quickly and simply apply analog film-based processing to their digital photos.

The image-processing apps market is busy. So why does the world need another one?

There are two excellent reasons.


Firstly, the images from mobile cameras as well as vast majority of filters so far available to mobile photographers still lack the aesthetic qualities of film. They can create a certain mood or style but is a long way from the actual analog photography with its subtle colour separation, skin tones and general colour harmony.

"At RNI, we believe that the latest mobile cameras are good enough to handle an improvement in image processing, so we developed a large library of filters based on colour profiles of real analog films by the major manufacturers such as present Kodak Gold and Fuji Superia or discontinued Kodachrome and Agfacolor. Some filters are very subtle and focused on enhancing and harmonising the image, while others recreate faded versions of negatives and prints for stronger character effects and more creative variety."


Secondly, we wanted to address efficiency and ease of use. Most photo apps suffer from too much UI interaction. But no one really wants to spend their time messing around with the interface, hiding or unhiding various panels and constantly uploading photos from phone library into app library – they just want to create great images. RNI believes that the user interface on mobile platforms should be simple, clear and efficient and so has implemented a user interface that’s easy to navigate and make changes.

The RNI team said in their statement: “We wanted to create a simple ‘must-have' app: one that would deliver the colour harmony and subtle artistic flair of analog film but would be really handy and easy to use at the same time. So we did just that. RNI Films is very simple and straightforward to use and its film-based filters offer additional depths and tones not found elsewhere.


”At RNI we also pay attention to how people interact with their physical devices. RNI Films’ user interface requires the absolute minimum of taps to take you from opening your photo to sharing the processed image. And you can comfortably do all your processing on the go, using just one hand, even with large smartphones like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

“Obviously we’re not claiming that RNI Films is a replacement for shooting with real film, but we believe iPhone photographers will find it an intuitive tool that delivers film-like image rendering at a level they haven’t seen before.”

The app is free to download from the App Store and comes with a solid selection of basic film profiles. Additional film profiles can be purchased via in-app purchases.

To find out more about RNI’s products, including RNI Negative Films, Slide Films, Instant Films, Black & White Films and Vintage Films, please visit

Sample images below are published with permission of RNI's respected contributors:

© Chee Sim (Instagram: cheesim)
© Saesarez Novandito (Instagram: novandito)
© Oleg Lukyanov (Instagram: oleglukyanov)
© Eric Bates (Instagram: everythingelsephoto)
© Dale Smith (Instagram: retinaldream)

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