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all the Instagram filters since v.1 to nowadays back-engineered by enthusiasts

17 JANUARY 2013
Another Instagram presets for Lightroom? Not really. What makes it so special? Two things: We created the first and the only one product in the world emulating not only the latest Instagram filters but also those from Instagram v.1.0. So we offer both: the true spirit of old filters and the most up to date look of new ones. Which set to use? It's up to customer. Approach and precision. We use our unique colour/tone matching technology to achieve the best matching result (see samples).

Back-engineered by a group of digital imaging professionals, all the Instagram filters since the earliest versions are now available as Lightroom presets at

Probably you won’t be surprised if I tell you that Earlybird of Instagram v.1 and Earlybird of Instagram v.2/3 are two different filters though sharing the same name. This is also true for the rest of the filters. Well, at least for those survived the dramatic update which Instagram v.2 was. 

Do you remember Gotham? Or may be missing the original old look of Sutro? We do. And it is a sort of real nostalgia. That is why we started our work to bring these old filters back as presets as well as newer filters for all the Lightroom users. is a project focused on quality. Being experts in digital photography and image processing we use our unique approach, colour matching technologies and hours of tests to deliver the most precise versatile and attractive results to our customer. 

All the instagram presets for Lightroom can be downloaded from Our customers can choose from Insta-1 package for $19.99 which contains Instagram v.1 presets (including rare Lily) or Insta-2 with Instagram v.2/3 presets for the same price. For those willing to have everything we also offer two products together in the ultimate collection for $29.98 (yep, save $10). 

Visit for more products and samples. 

"Do you remember Gotham? Or may be missing the original old look of Sutro? We do. That is why we designed these presets. " Oliver James
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