Analog Film Presets for Lightroom

The most iconic films of the 20th century and faded film effects brought to life as Lightroom presets

06 MARCH 2013
Have you ever wondered why digital photos look so plain and soulless compared to analog film photography? Why when capturing colour with such a great accuracy modern DSLRs give us we loose in spirit and character of image? Actually it does not matter 'why', it is what it is. For those professionals and enthusiasts willing to enjoy the best of two worlds, convenience of digital and character of film, we created our Ultimate Film Package presets for Lightroom.

Developed after a long and careful study of a vast amount of physical samples this collection contains two major products: "Iconic Films" for Lightroom and "Faded films" for Lightroom.

The first product "Iconic Films" for Lightroom gives you the most accurate presets to emulate some of the most popular photo films of the 20th century, from vintage look of old Kodachrome to Fuji Superia and Ilford Delta.

Film presets included in this collection:

  • Agfa 70s
  • Agfa 100F print
  • Agfa RSX aged
  • Fuji 800z
  • Fuji Superia
  • Ilford Delta
  • Kodachrome 50s
  • Kodachrome 50s faded
  • Kodak Color overprocessed
  • Kodak Color 200 print
  • Kodak Portra
  • Kodak Portra print
  • Kodak Portra warm
  • Rollei Digibase

The second product "Faded films" for Lightroom contains an absolutely amazing choice of presets emulating various deviations of chemical photographic processes. Under- and overprocessed, with lovely grain and amazing colour shifts these film presets are the essence of analog photography and time. is a project focused on quality. Being experts in digital photography and image processing we use our unique approach, colour matching technologies and hours of tests to deliver the most precise versatile and attractive results to our customers.

All the film presets for Lightroom can be downloaded from Our customers can choose from Iconic Films package for $69.99 or Faded Films for $79.99. For those willing to have everything we also offer two products together in The Ultimate collection for $119.98 (yep, save $30).

With any of film presets collection our customers will also get the Film Essentials toolkit designed to give an instant control on such film parameters like grain, contrast, vignette or slide frame.

Visit for more products and samples.

"It is not only the result of physical samples study. This product is all about people's personal history, memories, their feelings, their love imprinted in photography. We call it 'Digital Chemistry'. And now you can use it for your photos with love and care like we do." Oliver James
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