A new generation of Film Presets for Lightroom released

Really Nice Images have released a major update of their film-simulating products for Lightroom.

30 JANUARY 2014
Another common pack of film effects for Lightroom? Not really. It's something special for those loving analog but shooting digital. What makes this release so special? First: with our presets you can try even films that are no longer in use. After studying a number of archive samples we recreated some really old film looks like Kodachrome from the edge 50s and 60s or Agfa Chrome from 70s. It is really awesome. We hope creative photographers will love it. Second: our 'All Films' package is really comprehensive. In one package customers receive a great variety of film looks. From negative films to slide films and polaroids.

Really Nice Images announced it has released a new generation of it's film-emulating preset package 'All Films' for Adobe Lightroom users.

Since the first release in March 2013 more than one thousand photographers all over the world have downloaded 'All Films' or it's parts, making it probably one of a few most popular film-emulating tools in the world. And now it is a good time to say thank you to all customers of Really Nice Images by raising film emulation to the new level.

"'All Films' is our best preset package ever. It is comprehensive. It contains a great divercity of film looks from negative films to Polaroids and slide films. It also has some unique presets. With this product you can try even films that are no longer in use like Kodachrome from the edge 50s and 60s or Agfa Chrome from 1978. it is really amazing." 

Back-engineered by a group of digital imaging professionals, the most popular analog films of 20th century as well as collection of faded and cross-processed films are now available as Lightroom presets.

www.reallyniceimages.com is a project focused on quality. Being experts in digital photography and image processing we use our unique approach, colour matching technologies and hours of tests to deliver the most precise versatile and attractive results to our customers.

All our film presets for Lightroom can be downloaded from www.reallyniceimages.com Customers can choose from 'All Films' package for $69.98 or purchase one of it's parts 'Iconic Films' or 'Faded Films' separately for $39.99 each.

Visit www.reallyniceimages.com for more products and samples. 

"I’ve used a few film presets in the past, including VSCO and a few others, and just recently discovered the Film presets for Lightroom from Really Nice Images and I’ve been blown away at the level of detail and fine tuning they have been able to achieve with their film emulations." Jorge Ledesma, Photographer
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