RNI All Films 3.0: simulation more convincing than actual film

RNI All films 3.0 presets for Lightroom can fool even film photographers into thinking it’s more likely to be film than actual film.

23 FEBRUARY 2015
incredibly easy to use, RNI All Films 3.0 offers possibly the most comprehensive and accurate film simulating package in the market. all the character of analog photography for any professional or enthusiast digital workflow is now just a click away.

February 2015 &mdash Really Nice Images announces the immediate availability of RNI All Films 3.0, the biggest ever update of RNI’s film simulator for Adobe Lightroom that has been highly appreciated by professionals and enthusiasts for its high accuracy, state-of-the-art colour rendering and compelling set of film simulations. RNI All Films 3.0 adds Analog Softness feature, that is designed to vanish any visual distinction between high-megapixel images of modern cameras and genuine analog photos. This major update brings more than 170 new incredibly realistic and moody film presets plus enhanced colour accuracy and skintones for presets existed since version 2.1.

RNI All Films 3.0 utilises all the power of digital chemistry to simulate dosens of film brands, from vintage Kodachromes and Agfacolors to films still available at your local photo store. RNI All Films 3.0 offers each film simulated in it’s standard form as well as in multiple additional deviations including faded and expired versions. All the RNI film presets originate either from real film shooting or from analysing negatives and slides from private archives. Based on their accumulated data and expertise RNI offers possibly the most accurate and comprehensive film-simulating package in the market.

RNI All Films 3.0 is available for Lightroom 4 / 5 / CC and for ACR for Photoshop 6 / CC on MAC and PC. The package is priced at $122 and organised by 5 sub-packages based on film types: Negative, Slide, Instant, BW and Vintage. Those sub-packages can also be purchased individually for $49 each.

All the existing RNI Films customers are entitled for a 50% upgrade discount.


The new exclusive Analog Softness feature is aimed at recreating the actual feel of physical slides and prints by simulating the genuine softness and grain structure of analog materials. The Analog Softness feature is embedded in some of RNI’s instant and vintage presets by default. Additionally the effect can be controlled or turned off via Vintage Lens adjustment included in Film Essentials 3.0 toolkit. The toolkit is supplied with every Films 3.0 package for no extra charge.


According to numerous independent reviews, the previous versions of RNI All Films «delivered very accurate simulations of the films included» which are «very true to their silver halide counterparts». And the latest release of RNI All Films 3.0 sets the totally new bar in creative image processing.

RNI film presets are quite sophisticated and utilise almost every bit of Lightroom functionality to deliver such a beautiful colour separation, great skintones and solid analog feel of many iconic film bands.


Unlike many standalone image-processing solutions, RNI All Films 3.0 utilises Adobe Lightroom as a platform for seamless integration into digital workflow and nondestructive image editing. The latter means all the changes made to your photos will not affect the original RAW image data and can be reversed or re-done at any time.


In addition to the main Lightroom version RNI All Films 3.0 provides Photoshop / ACR support for no extra charge.


Film or digital: which is best? Can film simulation be as convincing as real film? The questions that frustrate many of photographers and unleash endless forum battles are about to be over. An enthusiast photographer James Oldman (Dpreview user JameOl) has put the end to the arguments by conducting a curious test. Well… at least he has pretended to.

James posted 10 hi-res photos on a Dpreview forum. Some of them were genuine high quality film scans and some were digital processed with RNI All Films 3.0. In the comments to his post James asked other photographers to tell which photos, as they think, were actually taken with film and which were software simulations.

«Initially I was prepared to see the votes spread equally between real films and simulations, because it was really hard to spot the difference. But three days later, when I processed all the answers, I was really surprised. RNI simulations had 63% of «I believe this is film» votes while real films got only 34%. Even film photographers and hybrid shooters were more convinced with RNI’s film simulations than with actual film scans. That’s quite impressive»

– says James.

«Although I have practice with film, I was right [in the blind test] just twice. The film simulation software that You used did a really good job - images look quite adequate, what isn't easily achievable. A lot of simulators (at least the ones I've been playing with) tend to overprocess images or apply too simplified corrections»

&mdash says Dpreview user Leo «Zoom»


RNI All Films 3.0                                     $122 (upgrade $61)

RNI Negative Films 3.0                            $49 (upgrade $24.5)

RNI Slide Films 3.0                                  $49 (upgrade $24.5)

RNI Instant Films 3.0                               $49 (upgrade $24.5)

RNI BW Films 3.0                                     $49 (upgrade $24.5)

RNI VintageFilms 3.0                               $49 (upgrade $24.5)

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